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1x Distant Reiki gift voucher

1x Distant Reiki gift voucher


Give the gift of healing to your loved one.

1x 45 minute Distant Reiki session.

Includes a 5-10 minute phone call to discuss anything that comes up.




    Let go of negative blocks stored in the body with a distant Reiki session. Reiki is a natural healing energy that works on every level, not just the physical level. It is not limited by distance. The session lasts for 45 minutes ending with a short phone call to discuss anything that comes up. I'll typically work with the recipient's photo and diffuse high-frequency essential oils throughout. Clients typically experience the same effects as they would from a hands on treatment.

    Benefits of Reiki;

    Relaxes the body and mind

    Increases energy

    Relieves stress and anxiety

    Promotes feelings of calmness

    Encourages emotional release

    Eases pain and discomfort

    Promotes mental clarity

    Improves sleep

    Increases the rate of recovery from injury

    Eases muscle tension

    Enhances spiritual connection.


    Gift vouchers are non-refundable, however we want you to be completly happy with your purchases! If you are not completely satisfied, let us know and we will work with you to make it right. 


    Gift vouchers will be posted to you or straight to your loved one within 5-8 working days. Please let us know which option you would prefer by contacting us at

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