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About me

Get to Know Laura...

Recharge wellbeing was founded in 2020 by Laura, an accredited Somatic release breathwork and Reiki practitioner. Laura works 1-1, in group and also in educational and corporate settings to allow people to break free from anxiety, stress and emotional overwhelm. 


Somatic Release breathwork & Reiki therapy

Choose from either modality or a combination of both. Supporting you to release stress, negative emotions, anxiety and regulate the nervous system. Join a class in a group setting or book a session 1-1 either in person or online

Educational services

We work in schools to help staff and pupils to regulate their emotional wellbeing

Workplace wellness

We bring wellbeing to your workspace. Offering regular wellbeing support for businesses globally. 

I have been having regular Somatic Breathwork & Reiki sessions with Laura for the last 6 months. The sessions are just what I need. I leave feeling lighter and have experienced a reduction in anxiety and accessed feelings of euphoria during. 

Mountain Sunset

“The greatest wealth is health”



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